About us

„The only thing in life for 100% is that something is going to change“. This concerns not only individual people in their personal lives, but most firms and companies, who can not be sure that the way they have not worked they can withstand well into the future.

Internet, mobile and information technology, the competition so far, completely new competition, crisis, uncertainty in the market, new products, the possibility of expansion into other markets, company growth and other challenges give a hard time to well-established business model and also the internal functioning of companies. Rapidly changing world requires companies to quickly adapt to the new situation and do things differently, faster, smarter and with other budget than it was previously.

The company zagati s.r.o. focuses on innovative ways to address business, marketing and organizational situations, challenges which companies have not only in the internal functioning and IT, but especially in setting the correct business model for its products and services and their sales, marketing and support.